8 Knitting Myths

Like any subculture with a strong identity, the knitting world has a whole host of knitting myths. Let’s take a closer look at several of my favorite (well, least favorite) knitting myths together and talk about why they miss the mark.


Myth Number One: Knitting Something is Cheaper Than Buying It at The Store

At $12 just for yarn for a pair of socks (budget yarn, at that!), the math just doesn't add up.

Myth Number Two: All Knitters are Nice

There are literally millions of us out there. You're bound to run into a few bad eggs eventually.

Myth Number Three: Knitting Is a Relaxing Hobby

Sometimes it is. Sometimes it makes you throw your work across the room and swear like a salty sailor.

Myth Number Four: All Knitters Are Grandmas

Again. There are millions of us. We come in all ages, races, genders, and more. We always have. We always will.

Myth Number Five: Knitting Is A Hobby That’s Only For People With Lots Of Time On Their Hands

Some knitters have a lot of time, but some knitters knit precisely because they don't have a lot of time.

Myth Number Six: Knitting Is A Dead Art

There are thriving communities of knitters all around the world. We knit in warm places and cold places, at the beach and on mountaintops. Knitting is alive and well.

Myth Number Seven: There Is One Right Way To Do Things When You’re Knitting

There are often several ways to get to the same desired outcome. Feel free to choose the technique that suits you best.

Myth Number Eight: Knitting Is Better Than Crochet

Stuff and nonsense. Both have their strengths and should be valued on their own as fiber arts that bring us joy and test our capabilities.

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