Building a Good Relationship with your Tech Editor

If you decide to start to consider designing professionally, an important aspect of that is working with a tech editor.

Enter Bonnie Davis, the wonderful tech editor who has shepherded my patterns into the world since March of 2020, to tell us more about working with a tech editor.

What do you wish designers knew about working with a tech editor?

"Knitting designers are unique individuals with unique styles and goals. So are tech editors. Tech editors have specific training and skill sets that make them professionals. I recommend reviewing a tech editor’s qualifications, experience, testimonials, etc."

Where do you recommend knitting designers look to find a good tech editor?

"Social Media. That is where a huge percentage of business, tech editing or otherwise, takes place these days. About 30% of my designers come from Instagram, 30% from other media advertising including Ravelry, and 30 percent from word of mouth originating from satisfied designer clients, bless them."

How do you gauge whether you and a designer will fit well?

"I find that the best fit is achieved when a designer explains exactly what is needed and a tech editor explains exactly what they can or can’t assist with. A designer should start with social media but research in depth. Tech editors explain their processes, list their preferred types of patterns and styles, give pricing information, show their experience and training, and offer testimonials."

"Reach out to tech editors by email and ask for a chat or with specific questions. How soon do you need your pattern returned to you, and can the editor accommodate that? Are you needing a one-off edit or looking for a continued relationship? Are you an experienced designer or new designer, perhaps needing a bit of coaching? What does the tech editor specialize in?"

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