The Marriage of Convenience Socks

The Marriage of Convenience Socks, which are the fourth pair of socks in the Golden Honey Sock Club, are now available!


About the Marriage of Convenience Socks A marriage of convenience story almost needs no explanation. Two people who don’t love each other decide to get married anyway because it provides other benefits they need. Along the way, though, something happens, and they end up falling in love even though they didn’t plan it and perhaps don’t even want it. The best-laid schemes of mice and men, eh?

When I bought the yarn for these socks, I knew I needed to name this pattern Marriage of Convenience. That’s because the colorway name is “Duke of Hawtness,” and when I asked the dyer (Shelia Anderson of Urban Girl Yarns), she confirmed it was named for Simon Basset, Duke of Hastings—AKA the Bridgerton Guy. I had a good chuckle and knew it was fate.


These socks are knit from the top down with a ribbed cuff, heel flap and gusset, and wedge toe.

They are graded to five sizes for a wider range of fit. The ribbing that runs the length of the sock helps keep them snug and supportive.

Read More for more information about where to buy the pattern, details and specs, an easy shopping list, and more.

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