Why I Stopped Caring About Age-Appropriate Knitting

Recently, I knit myself a hair bow. I’ve been ogling the cute little patterns from Augustins for a while, and I had some scraps I needed to use up. This felt like a good opportunity. So I knit it up, and it was big and floppy, and very pink, and very fuzzy, and I was pleased.

I put it on, snapped a picture, and shared it. I mentioned I was tired of caring about whether what I wore was age-appropriate or not. And it seems I’m not the only one feeling this way! So here are some important things that came from the conversations I’ve had with people about my hair bow. I’ve cheekily written them as rules, but I think these might be rules you’ll actually enjoy.

Rule #1: If you’re wearing it, and you’re happy in it, and you’re whatever age you are, then it’s age-appropriate for you.

Who defines what’s age-appropriate, anyway? Why do they get to decide for the rest of us?  The joy we find in wearing clothes that make us feel comfortable in our skin is so much more important than superficial acceptance from people who don’t actually care about us.

Rule #2: When the outside world is scary, every bit of joy is a treasure

International situations continues to escalate in really frightening ways. So why would we sacrifice small bits of harmless joy in the midst of all that fear? Joy is good. Small, inexpensive things that make us happy are good. It’s okay to take joy where you find it, especially when that joy gives you a boost to help you continue forward.

Rule #3: Life is too short to worry about what others think is age-appropriate

By my best estimate, I'm not quite halfway through my life. Still, I’ve gone through a decent chunk of it, and it went by pretty fast. I can only imagine the rest will go by even faster. So why would I waste any of that precious time letting other people dictate the things I do that have no effect on them?

Now, listen. I’m not such an idealist that I think we should always ignore all dress codes in all circumstances. I still try to be respectful in my clothing and wear things that are appropriate for work, for example. But on my own time, in my own home, with my own family, I’m going to wear what makes me happy.

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