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What really tipped me over the edge was seeing the beautiful inspiration photos from my friend Taralynn at Playful Day Yarns. This year’s collection was inspired by dried flowers, and I knew it belonged in my home, too. And now that the holiday season is over and we’re well into the new year, I thought it might be fun to do a little debrief after enjoying my first yarn advent experience.


I ordered a traditional yarn advent calendar, which meant that my package came with 24 mini skeins folded up into 24 little numbered packages. Each mini skein was a 20-gram skein, which came out to about 80 yards per skein or a total yardage of nearly 2000 yards of hand-dyed yarns. All the skeins are fingering weight yarn.

My Favourite Part

I absolutely loved my yarn advent experience. Because I have an elementary schooler, we turned it into a special event each day. My little one would find that day’s package, open it up, peek inside, and give me an excited report before she pulled it out and showed me. It became a way for us to have a special experience together each morning.

Color Play

This was a way for me to try some yarn colors I might not otherwise order on their own. Having some mini skeins in new colors will be helpful. The coordination between the mini skeins is also delightful. I love when collections fit together, and a themed yarn advent is a great way to build a small collection of yarn that all blends.

Planning for Minis

There are some caveats that might help you decide whether a yarn advent calendar is right for you. For one, you will end up with a lot of yarn. Like I mentioned, mine gave me nearly 2,000 yards of yarn. It’s good to have a plan for those skeins.

Each Day is a Surprise

If you’re the type of person who doesn’t like surprises, even low stakes ones, then this also might not be the best option for you. Yarn advent calendars are, by their very nature, full of little surprises. You won’t know ahead of time what yarn you’ll get, and you’ll need to be comfortable with that.

Tips for Your First Advent

, I would only order a yarn advent from an indie dyer whose work I know really well, so you can be comfortable buying yarn sight unseen. If I had never done a yarn advent and wasn’t sure whether I wanted to commit to it, I might try a mini yarn advent.

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