Shoes for Showing Off Handknit Socks: Six Suggestions

Option 1: Birkenstock sandals

Nothing beats a classic, and as far as classics go, Birkenstocks are right there at the top. You can always rely on a pair of those comfortable, stylish open sandals. They perfectly show off your handknit socks with every step that you take.

Option 2: Clear sneakers

Take a step back into the 90s – and do it in style in these iconic shoes and your own hand-made socks. Hide nothing, as the Adidas Superstar now comes transparent (affiliate link), revealing every stitch, every knit and every purl of your hard work and artistry. The clear surface makes these an excellent pair of shoes for showing off handknit socks.

Option 3: Clogs

Clogs can be worn all year long. In other words, they’re as much a summer shoe as they are a winter choice. This makes them the perfect vehicle for showcasing your own work.

Option 4: Clear rain boots

I live in a pretty dry place where rain boots aren’t a common necessity. That’s my excuse for why I’d never thought of clear rain boots  until now, and I’m sticking to it. Of course, now that I’ve found them, new realms of fun have opened up before my eyes.

Option 5: Crocs

Everyone has their own opinion about Crocs, and that’s fine. The truth about this shoe is that it’s comfortable, affordable, and as easy to wear as few others. Add to that the fact that it is open-heeled and you have the perfect combination for exhibiting your work to your friends.

Option 6: Slides

Slides have come and gone in fashion’s cycles, but they’re back in a big way lately, spurred in part by aspirational self-care TikTok videos focused on wellness and improving your living space. Scroll through the “cleaning reset” videos, and you’ll pretty quickly find examples of tidy young folks vacuuming, wiping counters, and drinking fresh smoothies in their favorite slides.

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