Knitting Patterns

You can find my knitting patterns available for purchase on three platforms. Find my knitting patterns on Payhip, Etsy, and Ravelry by clicking the images below. Whenever I release a new pattern, that pattern will be loaded to each of these three platforms. That way, wherever you prefer to buy your knitting patterns, you’ll be able to snag the latest release as soon as it’s out.

Text saying "Find my knitting patterns on Payhip" is superimposed over an image of hands wearing pale blue knit mitts, a teacup, and antique books  Text saying "Find my knitting patterns on Etsy" is superimposed over a flatlay of mint green knit socks, a teacup, and white roses  Text saying "Find my knitting patterns on Ravelry" is superimposed over a flatlay of a knit hat, teacup, roses, and antique books

After the Ravelry Accessibility issue happened last summer, I set up an Etsy shop as a stopgap until the site was usable again. Eventually, I realized Ravelry wouldn’t make sufficient updates to improve the site’s usability. I decided to make my knitting patterns available in multiple places so that I would never again have all my eggs in one basket. After doing some research, I settled on listing my patterns on Etsy and Payhip in addition to Ravelry. I decided against opening my own shop on my website for a few reasons.

Primarily, logistics drove my decision. Etsy and Payhip were already set up, so I had to just drop my own info into the platform. They also take care of VAT for me. Digital goods aren’t taxable here in California, but I understand they are elsewhere. I don’t want to have to deal with that additional administrative headache.

For now, my patterns will be available on these three platforms. I may branch out elsewhere, but I don’t have plans to do so right now. If you see my patterns available in other places, know that I didn’t put them there and am not receiving income from them.

Most importantly: thank you for your support of my designs! I couldn’t do this without the encouragement and cheer of the many people who have knit my patterns over the last several years. As a designer, I love seeing photos of your projects and hearing how you’ve enjoyed making them.

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