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Knitting Video Tutorials

Knitting Video Tutorial Roundup

From time to time, I use unusual stitch techniques in my knitting patterns that aren’t common knowledge among knitters. Although I do my best to describe these stitches clearly in the stitch definition section of my knitting patterns, sometimes it helps to have a knitting video tutorial.

With that in mind, I’ve made these videos to help you figure out these unusual stitch techniques. These video tutorials are free for you to access and use. 

Large Crochet Bobbles

If you’re having trouble with the large crochet bobbles used in the Sycamore Canyon Cowl, the Laurel Hat, and the Kalorama Sweater, this video should help. For this bobble, you’ll need a crochet hook that’s about the same size as the needles you’re using for your knitting.

Small Crochet Bobbles

This knitting video tutorial is for the small crochet bobbles that are featured in the Pandiculation Cowl. For this bobble, you’ll need a hook that’s a little bit smaller than the needles you’re using to knit.

Cluster Stitch/Elongated Stitch

This video will explain how to do the unusual stitches used in the Gingersnap Hat, Meringue Socks, Profiterole Hat, and Matilija Mitts.

M1br and M1bl Increases

This video has no sound but will show you how to do the M1br and M1bl increases I use in many of my fingerless mitt patterns. I also use them in the Geniality Sweater. First is the M1br, followed by the M1bl.

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