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Free Sock Knitting Pattern: Simple, Dainty Texture

A sock knitting pattern for advanced beginners who are looking to learn some new skills.

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The Knitter’s Guide to Yarn Substitution

What happens when the pattern calls for a specific yarn, but you want to use a different one?

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Over the years, I've shifted to using circular knitting needles almost exclusively. Here's why.

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A dark blue box with white text that reads, "You are so detailed and so specific in your patterns that it makes it extremely easy to follow, even if [the knitter is] one or two fancy drinks into [their] evening." - Alexis R.

Hi there! I’m Lauren, and I’m so glad you’ve made your way here.

A Bee In The Bonnet is a place for soft, romantic knitting patterns, but it’s also a place for everything that goes along with those patterns.

If you can’t get enough of Masterpiece costume dramas, use your fancy dishes on random weekdays, have strong opinions about books with happy endings, and/or secretly wish you could wear very large, very fluffy dresses on a regular basis, then congratulations: you’ve found your internet home.

Come have a seat. I’ve got the kettle on already.

A blonde woman in her 30s wearing a knit hat, a white shirt, and a tan jacket smiles softly with her arm draped around her dressmaker's form.

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