Free Knitting Printable: Yarn Diary

I was a devoted Ravelry user, but it had some problems all along. The biggest was this: I couldn’t touch anything. I made this printable yarn diary to help keep track of my scraps and ball bands, and I figured I should share it here, too.

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Don’t Change Gauge to Change Knit Garment Sizes

But lately, I’ve seen some patterns try to take a shortcut on sizing by just advising knitters to increase or decrease their gauge to make a larger or smaller size. I’m not talking about patterns where there is an entire carefully plotted grid of different stitch and row counts to allow people to knit the same design in several different gauges and do it well. I’m talking about sock patterns that say things like, “to make a larger size, just go up one needle size.”

I think that’s a bad idea. Here’s why.

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Welcome the Good Things Collection!

The Good Things Collection is a small gathering of coordinating patterns (a hat, cowl, and mitts) that are named for particularly good things. Here you’ll find links to buy the collection online, more information about each pattern, and lots of photos.

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