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5 Knit Shawl Patterns for a Cozy Winter + 2 Crochet Bonuses!

I adore knitting shawls. The process of creating a functional and beautiful piece of clothing brings me so much joy, and I love being able to show off each knit shawl when I’m finished with it. Finding the right shawl pattern for winter will mean you’re cozy while you’re working and once you’re done, too.

Shawls offer versatility as they can be dressed up or down, worn formally or casually, and layered over various outfits. They also provide an opportunity to try out new techniques and stitches, as many shawl patterns incorporate a range of skills.

Whether you are a seasoned knitter or just starting out, these beautiful shawls are sure to inspire and delight. 

The Nicole Shawl by Aimee Sher

An Asian-American person stands beneath a tree full of rich red foliage, draped in a thick, warm shawl with alternating bands of lace and garter stitch.
Photo © Aimee Sher. Used with permission.

Designer’s website:


This triangular knit shawl by Aimee Sher is a perfect blend of comfort and style. It’s slightly oversized, giving it a really cozy feel. If you’re looking for something to wrap up in at home on a cold day or to add warmth as you run errands around town, this is the pattern for you.

The color of this handknit shawl is what really drew me in. Its natural, rich browns are warm and inviting, and they pair well with a variety of outfits. The Nicole Shawl works up in worsted weight yarn, making it extra cozy for chilly days. The zig-zagging yarn overs in some of the textured bands give it a delicate lightness that finds balance in rows of simple garter stitch stripes.

Aimee has a reputation for yarn-focused designs, meaning the designs serve as perfect vehicles for showing off a yarn’s texture and fiber content. This shawl uses an unspun yarn, so even though the yarn is a thicker yarn, the shawl itself is still light and floaty.

Wild Dunes by Kirsten Joel

A creamy crescent-shaped shawl with a stockinette body and wide lace edging is draped along a wooden fence rail.
Photo © Kirsten Joel. Used with permission.

Designer’s website:


Kirsten Joel’s Wild Dunes is a beautiful piece for any knitter looking to add a touch of sophistication to their wardrobe. It’s knit in a lace-weight yarn at a relatively loose gauge, which means it is lightweight but still insulating. The crescent shape has a stockinette stitch base, giving it a smooth and sleek appearance, while the lace border adds a touch of glamour.

Aside from its beauty, the great thing about this knit shawl is you can wear it year-round. Because the yarn weight is so fine, you can scrunch it up around your neck like a scarf in winter or drape it lightly over your shoulders in summer. This means your knitting time will always be time well spent, because whenever the shawl is finished, you can wear it right away.

Cushlough Wrap by Erin Clayton

A creamy, rectangular shawl with lots of intricate texture is draped around the shoulders of a white woman wearing a blue dress and a necklace with a large gold circle pendant.
Photo © Erin Clayton. Used with permission.



The Cushlough Wrap by Erin Clayton is one of the prettiest rectangular wraps I’ve seen in a long time. It uses lots of squishy texture that is perfect for adding warmth and comfort to any outfit. Inspired by memories of staying at her Aunt Maisie’s bed and breakfast in Ireland, Erin designed this wrap to envelop you in love and warmth. Its timeless design can be added to your everyday outfit or be draped across your lap as you snuggle up with a good book.

With its easy-to-follow pattern and versatility, this knit shawl is a great choice for both confident beginners and more advanced knitters. The varying stitch patterns in this wrap are great for mastering several techniques in one easy shawl. If you’re looking to try something new in your next project, this textured rectangle shawl might be just the right choice for you.

Plenitude Shawl by Lauren Rad



This asymmetrical knit shawl is best for intermediate knitters looking for a soothing stitch session. Its repeating bands of seed stitch and lace make the pattern easy to memorize and produce a textured, stripe effect. If you’re looking to use up one of your thinner yarns, this one is a great choice because it’s written for fingering weight yarn. 

“Plenitude” means “completeness” but also “abundance.” This shawl wrapw you in an abundance of warmth and softness. It’s also sure to complete any outfit.

Free Pattern – Grandmillennial Shawl

The Grandmillennial Shawl is draped around a white dressmaker's form. It's a seed stitch shawl in an asymmetrical triangle shape that has a ruffled edge. The ruffles are made from a creamy silk-mohair blend, while the body of the yarn is knit in a luxurious DK-weight cahmere-merino yarn from Purl Soho.

Everybody loves a free shawl pattern, but that’s especially true for one that is worked up in a simple, soothing stitch. The Grandmillennial Shawl is an asymmetrical triangle shawl with a seed stitch body and a soft, ruffled trim. While the sample shows the ruffle knit with silk-mohair yarn, you can also use a suri alpaca if mohair doesn’t work for you.

This is one of my most popular knitting patterns because it’s so relaxing to make. I’ve heard from several knitters who’ve made multiple versions of it. Beginner knitters can also use this knit shawl to practice their knit stitch and purl stitch to their heart’s content. Even the lace edging is relatively easy and uses simple eyelets to create the dramatic ruffle effect.

The sample is knit with DK weight yarn, but you could also knit it with bulky weight yarn and just work fewer rows before adding the ruffle time. This is a highly customizable design.

The Grandmillennial Shawl is free for my newsletter subscribers. You can find more information about it here:

And now here are a couple crochet ideas, too, for those of us who enjoy both crafts!

Stellarium Wrap by Connie Lee Lynch

A concentric square shawl with gold, cream, and black stripes is laid flat on a stucco background.
Photo © Connie Lee Lynch. Used with permission.



Hello, yellow! This unique shawl is perfect for adding a pop of color to your wardrobe. Connie made the original sample using a gorgeous ombre yarn inspired by Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night painting. The simple stitches and slightly unconventional shape allow the yarn’s colors to shine! 

This project is the epitome of an exercise in art. As Connie said, “It’s the perfect way to take a journey through space and time, letting the waves of color ripple out into the unknown.”

Autumn Waves Wrap by Brittany Garber

A Black woman in a long blue dress stands with an orange lacy wrap draped around her shoulders.
Photo © Brittany Garber. Used with permission.

Designer’s website:


This wrap is part of the Sisters Not Twins Project, which strives to unite the arts of crochet and knitting. That means this pattern is available in a knit and crochet version!  

Britt designed the Autumn Waves shawl as a tribute to the phases and beauty of autumn. I can definitely see myself reaching for this wrap as the cooler days settle in. This relatively easy shawl is a great way for newer crocheters (or knitters looking to expand their fiber arts repertoire!) to pick up some skills with a minimum of stress. The sample is worked up in a solid color, but I bet it would look gorgeous in a variegated yarn, too.

This pattern is available in two sizes and is recommended for advanced beginners. I know you will find inspiration in this delightful pattern as you take in the changing seasons of our world. 

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.