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August Community Feature – Your Beautiful Projects!

One of my very favorite parts of working as a knitting designer is getting to be part of a really neat community. Over the last five years, I’ve met so many amazing knitters with warm hearts and generous spirits. Seeing them take my imaginings and turn them into creations they love and use is simply thrilling.

As a celebration of that community, I’ve decided to start a monthly community spotlight feature here on the blog.

There’s something for everyone in this roundup, and I just love seeing your creativity applied to my designs. Let’s celebrate your beautiful work using some of my patterns!

The Geniality Sweater – Manda @littlebittydelights

Geniality is the quality of having a friendly or cheerful manner. The Geniality Sweater is a classic piece that will most certainly add cheerful delight to your wardrobe. Its delicate lace knitting of the sleeves is designed to be both pretty and functional. At 3/4 length, they are perfect for going about your daily business without concern that your sweater cuffs will become worn or damaged. 

Manda took this design and really made it pop! I love the gem tone yarn she used which is perfect for fall and winter wardrobes. It creates such warmth and coziness that truly embodies the name behind this design. 

You should try this pattern if you need a go-to sweater for the upcoming chilly months. Let your imagination fly, get creative with color choice, and find freedom in the modifications that speak to you.

I’ll be retiring this pattern on August 31, 2022. Until then, you can purchase it on Etsy, Payhip, and Ravelry. The code GOODBYE will take 40% off of the Geniality Sweater.

The Rhubarb Crumble Cowl – Kristin @krismblair

The Rhubarb Crumble Cowl is a cheery, relaxing knitting pattern. It’s full of texture and personality, just like the delicious fruit crumble that it’s named after. This design uses just one skein of yarn and knits up quickly, making it the perfect gift idea, especially for someone who has a love for baking and all things cozy. 

I absolutely love the color that Kristin used for this cowl. It’s the perfect accent for a neutral brown fall outfit. The decorative bobbles and eyelet holes give this cowl so much texture and warmth. 

If you love cowls, this intermediate-level project is a must try. It’s a beautiful piece that works up quickly and is sure to impress. 

Creme Brulee Socks – Tea @teaknitting

These cozy socks are rich and highly satisfying- just like a creme brulee! This pattern is an excellent project to work on while you unwind from your day. These socks feature a simple four row pattern repeat which makes them look more complex than they really are.

Tea indulged in this pattern and brought this design to life with a brilliant golden tone. The texture is accentuated by her color choice and it gives off all the best hints of warmth. With the addition of a fold-over cuff, Tea modified this pattern just slightly but added a whole new layer of coziness.

If you’ve been finding yourself needing to return to knitting for relaxation or need a quick project to ease your mind and fill some time while you’re out and about, the easily portable Creme Brulee Socks are perfect for you. 

The Solace Mitts – Lone Wool @lonewoolknits

The Solace Mitts were intentionally designed to bring great comfort, and Lone Wool’s enchanting final product is as comforting to look at as I’m sure it is to feel.

To find solace means to find comfort in the midst of sorrow. The Solace Mitts were named and created to mimic the comfort and gentle pressure that accompanies holding a loved one’s hand. These mitts are made to be a bit snug, but the pattern comes in four sizes so that you can choose the one most comforting to you. 

I adore the Solace Mitts that Lone Wool Knits has created. The simple lace pattern is highlighted in this beautiful rosewood color. Rosewood is thought to symbolize kindness and a good heart. How perfect a match for the Solace Mitts! 

The Solace Mitts are the perfect project for yourself, but they also make a considerate gift for a loved one, reminding them that you’re thinking of them even when you’re apart.

The Lemon Scone at Home Cowl – Jossan @jojopysslar 

The Lemon Scone at Home Cowl is a fun knit! It’s full of texture and interesting features that keep you engaged without being overwhelming. This project was inspired by The Berry Scone Shawl, one of my most popular patterns. I wanted this cowl to only require one skein of yarn, however, because the last few years have been difficult for many and resources may be tight. It’s also an invitation to knitters to use a special skein they’ve been saving or perhaps one they haven’t found the right project for yet. 

I simply love the piece that Jossan created with this pattern. The intricate details are thoughtfully knitted and wonderfully stitched together in a beautiful, rich and earthy tone. 

This budget-friendly, single skein pattern is excellent for an intermediate level knitter who wants to take on a knitting in the round project with lots of texture. 

I’d Love to Feature Your Projects, Too!

If you’d like to share your projects with the community and possibly wind up in a feature here on the blog, the process is quite simple. Just tag your public Instagram posts of projects using my patterns with the tag #ABITBknits. I will always ask for permission before featuring your project here on the blog, but using the hashtag will help me find your work.

Thanks so much for your support of my work. I’m excited about this new community spotlight and hope we can have a lot of fun with it going forward.

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