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Join the Golden Honey Sock Club

The Golden Honey Sock Club is a quarterly mystery sock subscription for knitters who love soft, romantic patterns that don’t require too much focus. Come join our warm, cheery community and knit yourself a small stack of pretty little treasures this year. The kettle’s on and we have piles of books galore.

Here are links for the 2024 Club:

And here are links for the 2023 Club:

Several pairs of pastel socks hanging on a wooden drying rack. The pair in the foreground is pink with a simple lace column down the side.
These aren’t the socks in the sock club, because those are a surprise! But this is a fun picture of socks.

The Process

Each quarter, I’ll release a new sock pattern. You’ll get an updated PDF delivered to your inbox on release day, and you can start knitting whenever you feel like it. I’ve designed this sock club as a low-pressure environment, where you knit at your own pace and nobody needs to meet any sort of deadline.

Check in any time in our Slack community or join our monthly Zoom knit nights to ask questions, share progress, get help choosing yarn, and more.

Although each of the quarterly sock patterns will be available individually, only Golden Honey Sock Club Members will be able to access the fifth bonus pattern, participate in our private Slack community, and join our Zoom knit nights.

A pile of pastel handknit socks all laid out on a flat surface. There are pink, blue, light green, and caramel-colored socks jumbled up together.
Also not the socks in the sock club, because again, those are a surprise! But aren’t these pretty?

Patterns will be released in February, May, August, and November. Golden Honey Sock Club Members will also get an exclusive fifth pattern that is only available as part of the sock club. That sock pattern will be released in December.

Three pairs of socks—one mint green, one pink, and one green with brown and yellow speckles—are laid out in a staggered stairstep fashion on top of a white marble countertop. They're surrounded by small white roses.
Also not the socks from the sock club, but, well, you get the idea.

What You Get

Membership in the Golden Honey Sock Club comes with several fun perks.

  • Five sock patterns designed to be knit from the cuff-down using fingering-weight yarn
  • Access to our private Slack community where you can share updates, ogle each other’s yarn choices, and celebrate finished socks
  • A monthly knit night via Zoom (for the year-long duration of the club only) where you can join your fellow sock stitchers in fun and friendship

In case you need those links again, here they are.

Here are links for the 2024 Club:

And here are links for the 2023 Club:

I hope you’ll join us! We’re going to have a fun adventure.

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